Football Club Website Redesign

ESV Freilassing e.V.

ESV Freilassing

The website of the football department functions as a central source for fans, sponsors and football fans in general. News, game infos or details regarding the youth and senior teams should all be easily accessible.


Redesign the UI, simplify the site structure and add new content for fans.


  • Sitemapping
  • Wireframing
  • UX & UI Design
  • Webflow Development
  • CMS Setup

The starting point

The old website was not maintained as it was too inconvenient. Most of the club officials and trainers don't have the technical expertise to upkeep a complicated system. It was time for a far easier way to update the site and add new content more frequently.



Even though the old website was very basic and did not contain a lot of information, it still felt confusing. I was asked to come up with a clear design that makes it easy for users to find the information they are looking for – news, updates and image galleries for over ten youth and three senior teams.

Mobile experience

To enable access to all information on the go, the content was adjusted for mobile use as well. An overall simple navigation allows to reach everything, no matter where you are. All details are only a few taps away and fit the small screen of a phone.



Keeping it organized

Convenient editing

Every team has its own dedicated page with a respective news section, info overview, and contact details to keep everything organized and easy to find. The latest news can be quickly accessed on the home page to provide fans with all relevant updates.

To allow club officials with no technical experience to edit the website, it was developed in Webflow. They can easily add or edit content and make changes to the site within minutes through the built-in CMS – all on their own.

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