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ESV Freilassing e.V.

ESV Freilassing

The football club is one of the top teams in the Berchtesgadener Land. For every home game a new edition of the magazine is printed, to keep the fans up to date about current events around the club.


A slight design refresh and addition of new content.


  • Editorial Design



Redefine the standard

The magazine has been around for several years, which means an update was long overdue. The task was to create a more modern version, that serves as a template and can be filled with content for every home game individually.

After talking to the officials at the club I established a direction that creates room for additional content and focusses more on the team itself. This way the readers get more insights and feel more involved in the club.



Design choices

Without changing everything, I reinterpreted the current layout towards a modern direction. A simpler, more organized structure is friendlier to the eye and lets the reader consume the content much easier. By adding more images, the pages are not as text heavy as they were before.

The revamped design feels somehow familiar, yet new. Many elements have simply been adjusted for a modern fit.

A reusable template

The magazine was designed as a template for reuse before every home game. New articles, images and other content can be added easily to keep the readers up to date. Everything that does not have to be changed is locked in place to avoid any mistakes while preparing a new edition.

Additional content was introduced to make the magazine more interesting for every reader:

  • team overview with photos of every player
  • "Player in focus": individual stats of a selected players
  • more space for photos to show the team in action
  • a wider range of details regarding the matchdays, the leagues and our opponents

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