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Every year the Bavarian toys manufacturer creates a product overview catalog, that is handed out on fairs and meetings with international retailers. It is meant to showcase the current assortment and highlight new products.


Present the entire product range in a clear and simple way.


  • Editorial Design

Getting started

The challenges

With over 500 different products in multiple categories it is easy to lose the overview. Therefore it is essential to establish a clear structure with a consistent look. To further embrace the large range of products the task was to integrate mood images that show kids interacting with the products.

Clear structure

More emotions

The first step was to break down all of the products to separate categories. Then all product related information was visually separated to organize the page layout and avoid clutter. Despite the clear structure it was designed with flexibility in mind which allows individual adjustments when required.

With the introduction of more mood images the products are presented in an appropriate environment. We organized multiple in-house photoshootings with kids to add an emotional aspect to the structured layout. They also help break up the pages and give the design some space to breathe.

From start to finish, everything was designed with print requirements in mind. An appropriate font size ensures best readability and colourful high quality images convey the emotions for a pleasant composition that looks great on paper.


When putting together so many products, the pages get filled with content very easily. To achieve visual clarity in such a dense layout, the same information was always presented in the same position. Therefore the reader quickly knows where to look for details and does not get confused. This improves readability and serves as a guide throughout the entire catalog.

There is more

Not just Editorial Design

Besides setting up the page layouts and adding the content, I was also involved in the preparation process. Editing images from our shootings or managing and maintaining an overview over all files added more variety to my tasks in this project. I also had the chance to work on some of the product and packaging design, including the creation of mockups that would be showcased in the catalog.

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