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With the app users can automatically create "spot the difference" games with their own photos. Every game will help to get even more out of the photos and train ones brain while playing. It increases the visual communication and interaction with images.


Create a user interface for a new app.


  • Sitemapping
  • Wireframing
  • UX & UI Design
  • User Testing

Building from scratch

The challenge was to create a complete user interface for an app with brand new functionalities – this includes developing a well thought-out user experience. Since this app was developed from the ground up it was important to design the main functionality first, while keeping future features from the roadmap in mind, so they can be easily added later on.

A simple, intuitive interface which is easy to comprehend was the overall goal. With that in mind, the first step was to explore multiple options to convey this objective.

For the core functionality of the app – selecting a photo and starting the game – I came up with very simple to understand actions: choose and preview a photo, then tap the play button to start the game. While previewing the selected image the user still can scroll though all the other images and choose a different one quickly.


Designing with the expectations of users in mind is one thing – but actually meeting them can be challenging. Therefor the UI was presented to multiple testers from different demographics to ensure their feedback was taken into account. Not only the visual aspect but especially the usability was the main focus of the testing phase to better understand how to improve.

In addition the design had to be flexible enough to support multiple languages and many different screen sizes & ratios. By avoiding too many elements and structuring them appropriately the screen is kept clear which helps the user to navigate through the app.


To further enhance the experience, an onboarding process was introduced which gives new users basic information and help before opening the app for the first time.

The finalized design was then developed for iOS & Android and is now available for free on the respective App Stores.

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