Startup Website Design

xuuluux GmbH


The Austrian startup developed an app that allows everyone to turn their own photos into a "spot the difference" game – with the tap of a button.


Design a website that gets visitors excited about the app and represents the startup.


  • Sitemapping
  • Wireframing
  • UX & UI Design
  • Animation Design

This website is not just about presenting an app – it is also supposed to provide information on the company itself with relevant content for startup networks and the press. A combination of a fun mobile game and a professional, ambitious startup.

You only get to make one first impression and have a few seconds to capture the visitor's attention before they decide to leave.

With an engaging hero section that gets visitors hooked and by exciting them with a memorable experience, the home page showcases the app in a truly unique way.

Giving certainty

People are often skeptical whether they can trust a new app or simply need more details before making up their mind. To address that it is crucial to be transparent and assure the site visitors by anticipating their concerns.

To make it as easy as possible to download the app from wherever a visitor is on the site, the App Store badges are always accessible in the navbar.

The entire team is presented with details of every member to give a sense of who is working on the app and how tasks are distributed.

Extensive information about the company and specifics regarding the app give a more comprehensive overview.
Also, the press kit can be downloaded as PDF for even more convenience.

A dedicated press area gives access to various assets for startup networks or the press.

For additional guidance on how to use the brand assets, a style guide is included.

The main focus of the app is on the photos of the user. To reflect this on the website, all elements and images are held in black-and-white while photos within app screenshots appear in colour — they stand out and draw the attention.

Overall the website highlights the fun aspects of the app but also represents the determined aspirations of the startup itself.
Credit: Development in Webflow by Marc Maegdefrau

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